Prejudice - a military science fiction novelette

Alasdair Shaw

Prejudice, a military science fiction novelette by Alasdair C. Shaw


Ace fighter pilot Anastasia Seivers is offered a secret assignment: to join a squadron taking the fight to Concorde's true enemies. But this squadron isn't part of the regular Concorde military, it is attached to the Legion Libertus, the independent force responsible for saving thousands of lives after the nuclear attack. After initial hope that her new commanders will be different, Seivers starts to suspect that they too are prejudiced against her.
Determined to remove the chip from Seivers' shoulder, Prefect Olivia Johnson, commander of the Legion, takes her on as pilot for a special mission.

'Prejudice' is a novelette in the Two Democracies: Revolution series and follows on from 'Liberty'. The series will continue with the novel 'Equality'.

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